WELL TAKEN CARE OF WITH BMW SERVICE S: BMW Service50| 51 When you buy a BMW, you can look forward to superb service and comprehensive customer care. For example, the Condition Based Service independently tracks both service fuid levels and the condition of parts subject to wear and then notifes you in the display when the vehicle requires servicing. So you only need to go to your BMW service partner when it’s really necessary. When you do go, our qualifed BMW service specialists take care of your vehicle using the newest workshop technology and only original BMW parts. This service is available worldwide in more than 3,300 BMW service partner establishments in over 150 countries, to provide you with limitless driving pleasure. * May not be available in all countries. Please consult your BMW partner. BMW SERVICE. BMW FINANCIAL SERVICE. BMW Service Packages*: Individual and stress-free, just for you. Individual, well-thought-out servicing solutions carefully tailored to you and your vehicle. With one-off, predictable costs, BMW Service Packages give you complete peace of mind, so you can enjoy owning a BMW to the very fullest. Whether it’s fresh from the showroom or already well-travelled – there’s a BMW Service Package for every phase of your vehicle’s life. All bringing you maximum quality, expertise and value retention, always at reasonable, transparent rates. And always carefully tailored to you and your BMW. Find out just how stress-free truly individual service can be! www.bmw.com/serviceinclusive BMW Mobile Service*: This service is there for you day and night. As soon as you call, we spring into action, and take care of everything that may need doing after an accident or breakdown, with specially trained technicians working – on site or via telephone – to get your car back on the road. We offer comprehensive, country-specifc mobility packages for breakdowns, and insurance that covers you in the event of an accident or theft. So if anything untoward does happen, simply call up the BMW accident hotline and we’ll go to work. We’ll take care of calling the emergency services, a tow truck, a replacement car, notifying your insurance company and much more. For further information please visit www.bmw.com BMW TeleServices*: With Cond ition Based Service, you’ll be automatically reminded of your next necessary service appointment on the vehicle screen. Provided you’ve consented, key vehicle data will be relayed to BMW automatically for analysis. Your assigned BMW service partner will access the information and contact you free of charge to make a service appointment as and when necessary. To access BMW Teleservices, the vehicle must be equipped with the optional Intelligent Emergency Call or ConnectedDrive Services. The service can be deactivated at any time you so desire, and you can change your service partner in the iDrive menu or ConnectedDrive portal. Find out more at www.bmw.com/teleservices BMW Financial Services*: Mobility solutions to meed your needs. BMW Financial Services provides you with attractive leasing, fnance and insurance options. To fnd out more, see the price list or go to www.bmwfs.com. Your BMW partner will also be glad to draw up an individual offer for you in person. THE BMW EXPERIENCE. BMW TV BMW TV*: www.bmw.tv enables you to experience the BMW brand in all its diversity. Features, portraits and background reports provide you with information on automobiles, innovations, sports and lifestyle topics. BMW Driving Experience: The better you control your BMW, the more enjoyment you will derive from driving it. Use our training courses to learn for yourself what it means to reach a car’s physical limits on various types of surfaces, and what you have to do to control your vehicle even in extreme situations. For further information please visit www.bmwdrivingexperience.com BMW Welt: Picking up a car at BM W Welt has always ranked among the best moments for any driver. Turn this moment into one whole unforgettable day: experience the handover of your new BMW as just one part of a programme of activities perfectly tailored to your interests. At BMW Welt, the BMW Group plant, the BMW Museum, the BMW Group headquarters and the BMW Group Classic all combine to provide you with a great experience of an exciting history, a breathtaking present – and spectacular visions for the future. Find out more at www.bmw-welt.com/en BMW Magazine: In BMW Magazine, experience the newest BMW models in front of stunning backdrops. Discover new design trends, travel destinations and the richness of modern life. Encounter people with visionary ideas who are changing the world. Find out more at www.bmw.com/magazine SHAPING THE FUTURE – RESPONSIBLY. In 2016, the BMW Group was once more listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the most sustainable automotive company worldwide. This makes BMW Group the only company in the automotive industry to be listed without interruption since the index was established. The development of effcient vehicle concepts and environmentally friendly production processes, including recycling, is an integral part of our philosophy. BMW EffcientDynamics and electric vehicles have enabled us to cut CO 2 emissions from our European new-vehicle feet by more than 41% since 1995. We have also reduced the amount of resources used in production, such as water and energy, by 33% between 2006 and 2016, with a reduction to 45% of previous levels aimed at for 2020. In terms of other resources (such as volatile organic compounds, process wastewater and waste) our 45% target was met in 2014, and we will continue to work on further improvement. Production at our engine plant in Steyr has been waste-water free since 2007. And of course, at the end of its service life, every one of our vehicles can be easily and economically recycled. To return your end-of-life vehicle, please contact your BMW partner. For more information on this issue please visit our website. www.bmw.com/EffcientDynamics www.bmwgroup.com/responsibility www.bmw.com/recycling