Innovation and technology24 | 25 Aerodynamic design and BMW EfficientLightweight construction. The art of engineering. Comprehensive and fully coordinated aerodynamics measures, particularly at higher speeds, optimise drivi ng dynamics, stability and control in M vehicles. BMW EfficientLightweight construction is of the highest priority with M vehicles. This is because the lowest possible unladen weight is the foundation for outstanding driving dynamics and exemplary efficiency. BMW M has applied unr elenting focus on achieving this goal and, as a result, has seen continual improvement. The key questions that have always fac ed the engineers: where does it make sense to save weight? And where not? The answer: intelligent lightweight construction. 1 Only available for the BMW M6 Gran Coupé. 2 Only available for the BMW M6 Coupé. The M rear spoiler 2 on the rear edge of the tailgate helps to reduce lift, further optimising the aerodynamic balance between the front and rear axles. As a whole, the precise coordination of these elements creates a racetrack-ready optimum – with that unmistakable M feel. As part of the BMW intelligent lightweight construction concept, the Carbon roof 1, 2 made of carbon fbre reinforced plastic (CFRP) helps to reduce the vehicle’s weight, shifting the car‘s centre of gravity lower. This leads to an increase in agility and dynamics when taking a bend, accelerating and braking. The carbon diffuser 1 creates aerodynamic downforce at the rear of the car at high speeds, thereby providing added traction. The ultra-light, visible CFRP lends the rear a highly athletic appearance and is also a clear sign of the commitment of BMW M to lightweight construction.