As unique and exceptional as the BMW i8 and the BMW i concept itself. The offers from BMW Financial Services related to sustainable and emissions-free mobility are tailor-made for the BMW i8 driver fascinated by the plug-in hybrid sports car. BMW Financing and BMW Leasing. BMW Financing supports your journey, with individual models, on the way to ownership of your own BMW i vehicle. It also provides the basis for all further insurance and mobility offers from BMW Financial Services. Base fnancing provides your liquidity and you beneft from a fxed rate for the full term, after which, the vehicle belongs to you. With the fexible leasing offers from BMW Financial Services, you can realise the dream of driving pleasure in the BMW i8. Easy, convenient and uncomplicated, BMW Leasing gives you all the fnancial freedom you need. This is the case whether you use your BMW i8 purely for business or mainly for private use. BMW Automotive Insurance. Electrifying driving pleasure is an entirely new experience – an experience you are sure to love. To help make sure you feel as safe and secure in your vehicle as possible, we offer tailor-made insurance offers. The basis is comprehensive liability protection, fexibility when it comes to excess levels and professional repairs in BMW i approved facilities in case of damage. It all means you are best prepared when you venture into pioneering new territory with your BMW i8. BMW i Wallbox. Whether you fnance, lease or pay cash for your BMW i8, BMW Financial Services gives you the fexibility to fnance the installation and maintenance of the BMW i Wallbox, your own private charging station. Mounted on your house or garage wall, it charges the BMW i8 up to 30 per cent faster than the standard charging cable and, with its unique design, is a visual highlight. A convenient installation service is also offered as well as an innovative power supply solution from the BMW Green Energy programme. BMW Add-on Mobility.* This ensures fexibility, always and everywhere, even at short notice. If, for example, you need extra space for a particular drive, you can simply switch to a conventional BMW model. With BMW Add-on Mobility you have all the freedom of movement you could ever need. * In cooperation with SIXT GmbH & Co. Autovermietung KG. WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? BMW i Agents. To fnd a BMW i Agent in your area, go to www.bmw-i-agent.com They look forward to seeing you and will be happy to answer any questions about BMW i. Customer Service. If you wish, you can always make direct contact with BMW i Customer Service for personal and expert advice at customerservice@bmw-i.com BMW i Driver’s Guide. This is a vehicle-specifc operations manual for BMW i models. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. BMW FINANCIAL SERVICES. BMW i8 Weight Unladen weight DIN 1 kg 1485 BMW eDrive Electro-synchronous motor Max output kW (hp) 96 (131) Max. output/engine speed kW (hp)/rpm 75 (102) / 4800 Max. torque Nm 250 Engine Cylinders/valves 3/4 Capacity cc 1499 Max. output/engine speed kW (hp)/rpm 170 (231)/5800 Max. torque/engine speed Nm/rpm 320/3700 Emissions standard EU6 Performance Top speed, combined (restricted) km/h 250 Top speed, electric (restricted) km/h 120 Acceleration 0 –100km/h s 4.4 Fuel consumption 2 Combined l/100km 2.1 CO 2 emissions g/km 49 Tank capacity l 42 3 Energy consumption Combined (NEDC) kWh/100km 11.9 High-voltage battery capacity Battery type/net battery capacity in kWh Li-ion / 5.2 Electric range (NEDC) km 37 Electric range, everyday use 5 km up to 30 Maximum overall range, combined 3, 5 km 600 Charge time (with BMW i Wallbox Pure/Pro) h < 2.0 4 Charge time (household socket) h < 2.5 4 The lithium-ion high-voltage battery has a long service life. However, should there be a defect in the lithium-ion high-voltage battery before eight years have passed and within the frst 100,000km, your BMW i Agent will offer to rectify the defect free of charge. Please see the BMW i battery certifcate for details. CO 2 emissions that are created by the production and preparation of the fuel or other energy sources were not taken into account in determining the quoted CO 2 emissions. 1 EU unladen weight is 1,560kg (fgure includes 75kg for the driver). DIN or EU unladen weight applies for vehicles with standard equipment. Optional equipment increases this value. 2 Fuel consumption is determined in accordance with the ECE driving cycle. CO 2 emissions are measured in addition to fuel consumption. Optional equipment may increase these values. 3 With larger fuel tank option; 30 litres without this option. 4 Depending on local electricity infrastructure. Charge time corresponds to a charge of 80% of maximum capacity. 5 Range dependent on various factors, in particular: personal driving style, route characteristics, exterior temperature, heating/air conditioning, pre-conditioning. | 6160INDIVIDUALITY AND DIVERSITY