1 The lithium-ion high-voltage battery has a long service life. Should, however, any defects occur in the high-voltage battery during the frst eight year s and within the frst 100,000km, your BMW i Agent will rectify them free of charge. Please refer to your BMW i battery certifcate for further details. 2 BMW i3 with Range Extender model also available. “ HOW DOES THE LIFE-DRIVE ARCHITECTURE IMPROVE THE CAR’S HANDLING?” MADE-TO-MEASURE ELECTRIC M OBILITY. THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS. Shaping a new and sustainable era of electric mobility meant going back to the drawing board. One of the biggest challenges was compensating for the weight of the high-voltage battery 1 . We handled this by dividing the vehicle architecture into two independent units. The lower Drive- Module is made of aluminium and, along with the battery, contains all parts related to the transmission and drive system. This frees up a great deal of space for the driver and passengers in the second unit – the upper Life-Module. As well as being uniquely spacious, the BMW i3 is also remarkably safe and agile. This, to a large degree, is because the passenger cell is made of strong and ultra-lightweight carbon – which is yet another world first from BMW. Rear-while drive. Electric motor with transmission and power electronics. Range Extender 2 for longer drives. High-voltage lithium-ion battery. 1 Ideal 50:50 axle load distribution. 50 % lighter than steel, carbon is also exceptionally strong. |2524INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY turning circle, making the BMW i3 particularly agile in urban traffc. 9.86m The Life-Module offers a generously spacious environment that makes you feel right at home. There is no central tunnel separating the driver and front passenger and there’s no window column between the opposing doors. As a result, you get to enjoy an open, loft-like atmosphere, unique for this class of vehicle. The use of high-strength carbon – a first for a production vehicle of this kind – has made all this possible. Carbon also reduces the DIN weight of the BMW i3 (94Ah) to just 1,245kg, which not only contributes to a uniquely agile drive but also brings benefits in terms of range potential. At the same time, the robust carbon construction offers excellent safety, as demonstrated by a host of tests. THE LIFE-MODUL: MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME. The Drive-Module is made of lightweight aluminium and houses all of the parts needed to power the car. The rear section, for instance, contains the electric motor, transmission and, with the BMW i3 with Range Extender, a compact engine for increasing range potential. The high-voltage battery 1 is located in a sturdy aluminium housing, integrated safely into the underfloor section where it gets the best possible protection – should it be needed. Another benefit with this location is that it lowers the car’s centre of gravity, thus allowing the rear-wheel drive BMW i3 to offer unparalleled driving agility. While on the subject of the battery: it comes with a warranty of eight years or 100,000km. THE DRIVE-MODULE: EMPHASISING SAFETY. 1,245kg overall DIN weight of the BMW i3 (94Ah), making it significantly lighter than comparable electric vehicles. BMW EFFICIENTDYNAMICS. LESS EMISSIONS. MORE DRIVING PLEASURE.