Gender? www.groovekorea.com / January 2015 34 Edited by Elaine Ramirez (elaine@groovekorea.com) INSIghT Readers speak The scoop on the readership survey 2014 Who you are To celebrate our eighth anniversary in October, we asked you, our readers, to tell us about yourselves and what you think about us. Thanks for sharing your feedback. Here’s what you had to say. We wanted to get to know you a little better and asked a bit about you. Here’s a slice of how you described yourselves: I was born and raised here U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand South Korea Asia, outside of South Korea Somewhere else At home, doing chores or hanging out Atop a mountain or on my bike Somewhere I’ve never been before In a cafe, preferably with a book or Kindle Scrooge pub, or maybe Wolfhound or Hollywood or Sin Bin or... Church or a charity event On the feld/court, with my cleats/stick/ bat/racket Wherever my signifcant other wants to go Wherever my friends want to go At the latest museum or gallery exhibition Shopping Spending quality time with my family Don’t bother me, I’m hibernating Other Wherever the crowd is House party Hotel/private room party with a group of fr iends A romantic, secluded spot with a special someone A tropical beach in Southeast Asia I use the Lunar Calendar / I do not celebrate New Year’s Day Other Shopping or dining Traveling To the bar! Student loans, credit card payments or other bills Savings account Send it to family What bonus? My wife keeps my money Other 1 year or less 1+ to 2 years 3-5 years 6-10 years I’ve lost count I have never lived in Korea 61% 39% English Korean, but I’m also fluent in English Other, but I’m also fluent in English None of the above Seoul Gyeonggi Province or Incheon Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju or Ulsan Elsewhere in Korea Outside Korea 19-25 26-30 31-35 36 or older Not a teacher or professor Teacher or professor (any level) So, where are you from? Age group? What do you d o for a living? How long have you been (or did you live) in Korea? Ah, the weekend. Where can we fnd you on a Saturday afternoon? Where might you be on New Year’s Eve? Seolnal (Lunar New Year) bonus pay! How d o you spend it? What is your native language? Where do you live these days?