31 W I N N E R Ian Henderson W I N N E R “Itaewon freedom” by Dave Hazzan (July) W I N N E R Remy Raitt Get ’er Done Award WINNER: Ian Henderson Readers’ Choice Award: Cover Story of the Year WINNER: “Itaewon freedom” by Dave Hazzan (July) Korea’s black racism epidemic, the crumbling traditions of Jeju, the dark history of Itaewon, the glass ceiling above women in the workplace, the fight for gender equality, the best sandwiches in Seoul, the stigmas against unwed mothers, the pressures of celebrity, the corruption of Korea’s media — all these and more have been Groove Korea’s cover stories this year. One of the most relevant to our readers is Dave Hazzan’s long, hard look into the seedy underbelly of the expat haven of Itaewon, from its days as a slum driven by U.S. soldiers’ demand for satisfying their vices to a foodie paradise and getaway for the Korean elite, to its emerging iteration as a trendy hotspot for Korean couples and big spenders. The article investigates the history of Itaewon and visits current and former residents and influencers, asking them what they see for the district’s future. Groove Korea recognizes “Itaewon freedom” by Dave Hazzan as the Readers’ Choice Award for Cover Story of the Year. Get ’er Done on Time Award WINNER: Remy Raitt In the print world, stories can pop up at the last minute, leaving little time for research and interview prep, not to mention the transcribing and writing. In such situations, it’s important to have trusted contrib- utors on hand. Remy Raitt, a talented writer who has shown many months of dedication, is there for us in a pinch. For the second year in a row, Remy Raitt earns the Get ’er Done on Time Award. Need a story done before you can blink? Have an interview crop up at the last minute that no one has time to conduct? See a photo or illustration go south? In times like these, there are a few collaborators we know we can turn to in a pinch. The one we rely on most is writer Ian Henderson, who for the second year running is the recipient of the Get ’er Done Award for stepping up, getting the job done and doing it exceptionally well. R e a d e r s ’ C h o i c e