www.groovekorea.com / January 2015 30 W I N N E R Remy Raitt Best CONTRIBUTORS W I N N E R Dave Hazzan W I N N E R Michael Roy W I N N E R Dylan Goldby W I N N E R Jaime Stief Writer of the Year WINNER: Dave Hazzan A good journalist has a thirst for sharing stories yet untold, from researching, reporting and interviewing to pulling all the facts and points of view together in a convincing way. A good writer shows without telling, chooses tones and turns of phrases with intention and draws the reader into his or her world. To do both is a difficult balance to achieve and takes years of practice and dedication. In that aim, one writer has shown particular ambition, intelligence, determination and open- mindedness, bringing Groove Korea three of its most memorable cover stories, including this year’s “Korea’s black racism epidemic” (February) and “Itaewon freedom” (July), among many other stories across all topics. For these reasons, Groove Korea recognizes Dave Hazzan as Writer of the Year. Illustrator of the Year WINNER: Michael Roy The difference between the objectives of an artist and a journalist is their portrayal of reality, and it is a magazine illustrator’s duty to convey the truth in a creative, relatable and understandable way while balanc- ing the publication’s identity and style with their own. This illustrator has demonstrated his ability to do that while being patient with develop- ing concepts, flexible about revisions and still pushing the boundaries, leading to the Cover Image of the Year, “Korea’s black racism epidemic” (February), among other ambitious works. Groove Korea recognizes Michael Roy as Illustrator of the Year. Photographer of the year WINNER: Dylan Goldby For years, Dylan Goldby has been an integral part of the expat photog- raphers’ network, and his passion for sharing their work with the world is demonstrated in part by his regular Groove Korea column “Capturing Korea,” featuring interviews and photos of a different photographer and a particular site on the peninsula each month. He has also been a men- tor to many of them, while still finding the time to generously lend his talents to cover some of our biggest stories. Groove Korea recognizes Dylan Goldby as Photographer of the Year. Behind-the-scenes Editor of the Year WINNER: Jaime Stief By the time you read this issue, it will have been parsed and picked apart by our stable of editors and proofreaders. Some take their craft to the height of an art form, finding the right turn of phrase to make a sentence sing and transforming headlines into elegant expressions that capture what a story is all about. They do more than catch mistakes with grammar, facts, spelling and punctuation. They ask questions that get to the meaning behind the writer’s words and they know when to back off. For doing all that and more, we recognize Jaime Stief as our Be- hind-the-scenes Editor of the Year for the second year in a row. She’s the best editor you didn’t know you needed, and her contributions are invaluable.