www.groovekorea.com / January 2015 14 M U S T R E A D S C O m I n G h O m E Even if you leave Guri for several months, or maybe years, and the entire expat community has replaced itself, you can still walk into Kim’s bar and feel like you’re at home again. m a K G E O L L I m a n I a I n s P I r a t I O n & I d E n t I t y Makgeolli has weathered Japanese occupation, rice shortages and the rise of the utilitarian cocktail of cheap beer and soju, now emerging as one of the few unbroken cultural links tying modern Korea to its traditional past. The moment you enter artist Andy Brown’s apartment, you are greeted by colors from all corners. Steps away from the busy streets of Itaewon, it is a quiet, colorful space hidden away, perfect for an artist’s abode. B r E a K I n G O u t O f t h E G O L d E n C a G E Professor Andrei Lankov has seen North Korea from both the inside and out. While living in the country he was given a “golden cage” view of the system, and since then he’s broken out of it and labored to give the world a clearer view of the country. I s E L L s E x a n d I h a v E r I G h t s , t O O Kim Yeo-ni was at work when the police forced their way in and took pictures of her naked. A few days later she received an 800,000 won fine for breaking the law. s u m O a n d Z I m a Between the 90-minute flight from Seoul and prices that are more affordable than Tokyo, Fukuoka offers a convenient getaway for those looking to experience a diverse array of historic and cultural enclaves. A selection from our editors muST READS 56 68 72 36 88 46