41 ‘thiS waS proBaBly the moSt romantic Show i’ve ever done. ...there waS that feeling of juSt playing muSic for your friendS.’ Singer kim ji-Soo an underStated Set Singer Kim Ji-soo walks in with his guitar and it’s no grand en- trance. He carefully tiptoes through the haphazardly seated guests and sits himself down on a stool as the onlookers applaud. “This is the first time I’ve ever performed with my shoes off,” he says. The shoeless audience chuckles in agreement. As he sings, he interacts and jokes with the 40 people there. Nobody texts or posts to Facebook; everybody listens to him, in- teracting with him. “This was probably the most romantic show I’ve ever done,” Kim said after his set. “It was the most nervous I’ve been in a while! But there was that feeling of just playing music for your friends. It was like, ‘Hey, listen to this one I’ve been working on.’ I wish I had more time because it was great.” Following the intermission, the next performer, Ha Heon-jin, shares his music with the crowd. Once again, the environment al- lows for a more intimate concert experience, as Ha’s eccentric, deadpan demeanor results in awkwardly hilarious moments inter- spersed throughout his acoustic Korean blues set. “It blew my expectations of people here,” said Marion le Claireq, a French patron at the guesthouse who had come downstairs with her husband out of curiosity. “It’s our first time in Asia, and to find such a mix of culture like this was really great.” More info j www.facebook.com/SofarSoundsSeoul or @sofarseoul london calling The name Sofar first started as an acronym, which stood for “Sounds From a Room.” It was initiated in London by two English- men who wanted to enjoy a proper pub gig but kept finding that everything else happening at the bar was always louder than the actual music. The two men started hosting small shows at their house and they eventually grew into an international movement, with people seeking out low-key urban musical experiences. Sofar Sounds reached Seoul through a start-up company called Proteurment. Song Jun-ho, head of the company says, “The prem- ise of Sofar Sounds fit well with the direction Proteurment is taking and we felt that Sofar Sounds could be an on- and offline platform for getting exposure for talented Korean musicians in our country as well as around the world.” “It was like a scene out of a movie … a lot of fun and very refresh- ing,” said Rhino, an underground rapper. “It’s nice to have the op- portunity to really pay attention and listen to music I’m not used to.” University student Kim Da-hye agrees: “It was a little awkward at first, but the house party concept is unique and cozy.” Song admits the first few events were pulled off with a certain amount of trial and error. “Unlike in other countries, people here aren’t really accustomed to inviting people they don’t know to their home for a party. So finding a sufficient venue or creating that sort of atmosphere was difficult. But now we’re trying to put some more weight into it being a ‘party,’ like in picking out the right venue or creating an environment where people feel like they can hang out with people they haven’t met before.” Anti-stress Medical Head Spa Anti-Aging Medical Head Spa Luxury Medical Head Spa Aromatherapy Scaling (Scalp peeling procedure) Scalp therapy (RF scalp regeneration therapy) Hair therapy (OX-therapy) Nourishing and revitalizing mask packs based on organic ingredients Relaxing massage (shoulders, neck area) Acupuncture herbal injections Nutrient cocktail (BB food) Duration 2 hrs 3 hrs 3 hrs Price 155 USD 264 USD 450 USD Comprehensive mediCal head spa treatment program The following spa treatment procedures stimulate growth, re- store scalp lipid balance and slow down the hair bulb aging process, which is one of the reasons for the appearance of gray hair. After the spa treatment procedure your hair will be silky, shiny and manageable, and will gain volume and vitality. * luxury Medical Head Spa includes a special gift package of LMW Scalp tonic 70 ml with LMW Immune-up shampoo 150ml each medical head spa program includes • Diagnosis of scalp & hair • Consultation with Dr. Lee Moon Won • Medical Hair Lab service — A clever cut by a top hair stylist to emphasize your best features and create a feel-good hair style that suits you +82-2-511-1079 (calling from overseas) (02) 511-1079 (calling in Korea) 3F, Lee and Yoo Building, 69-5 Chungdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Cheongdam Neighborhood Park Jinheung Billa Eastern Parangon Woori Bank Cheongdam Catholic Church Cheonggu Apt. Nara Tower Millennium Wedding Hall Ivy Dental Clinic VIPS LMW Korean Medicine Clinic Cheongdam Stn. Line7 Exit 12 L & U Building 3rd Floor