P latinum Beer’s brewmaster got into brewing by accident. His original plan was to study medi- cine and become a doctor, but in- stead he began practicing chem- istry of a different sort. Daegu-born Junhoon “John” Yoon is the brewmaster for Platinum Beer, a Korean craft beer company. While studying medicine in the United States, a friend’s father introduced him to home brewing and encouraged him to fol- low his passion. Yoon says he was repeatedly told, “The happiest person is the one whose job is their hobby,” and, heeding this advice, Yoon decided to switch professions. After fall- ing in love with home brewing, he decided to enroll in the Brewers’ Program at UC Davis in California. “Drinking and studying beer together seemed perfect,” says Yoon. One of the few non-native English speakers in his class, Yoon struggled with some of the subject matter, especially German brewing terminology. However, while at UC Davis he was able to learn from some of the best craft brewing instructors, as well as sit alongside future brewmasters of noted breweries such as Lagunitas Brewing Compa- ny in California. Story by Nate Finch / photos courtesy of Platinum Beer Platinu m B e e r no-fuss, wallet-friend ly Craft beer with imPo rted Premium ingredients ADvERTORIAL