Lim says the picture of the General’s happy accident got a good online response. From there, ideas and situations involving her fig- urines just kept coming. Since her first photo shoot with them in 2010, Lim has photographed the pair in over 65 situations. Her craft has advanced to the level of using clever lighting and angles to set different moods, creating different emotions that bring unex- pected life to the hanbok-clad figures. But it’s not just the Princess and the General that make the photos; the backgrounds pop too. Lim has taken the couple across Seoul and its surrounding areas, built them furniture and even froze the Princess in a block of ice as an homage to Disney’s hit movie. “There needs to be a sense of place or a landmark in each pic- ture,” Lim says. “That said, the series is mostly inspired by my own experiences.” And while the Korean landscape is explored and celebrated in many of the photographs, the culture is also commented on, this being most apparent in the tongue-in-cheek photograph titled “Selfie.” Although she has plans to possibly turn the series into a calen- dar, Lim says commercial gain is not the objective of the series. “It’s a great way for friends to see what I get up to, because I take the Princess and General wherever I go. I feel like I’m also promoting the beauty of Korea. I’m really fond of this country, so I want to share that.” 71 MorE INFo j www.flickr.com/photos/traveloriented/sets/72157640922775363