Anti-stress Medical Head Spa Anti-Aging Medical Head Spa Luxury Medical Head Spa Aromatherapy Scaling (Scalp peeling procedure) Scalp therapy (RF scalp regeneration therapy) Hair therapy (OX-therapy) Nourishing and revitalizing mask packs based on organic ingredients Relaxing massage (shoulders, neck area) Acupuncture herbal injections Nutrient cocktail (BB food) Duration 2 hrs 3 hrs 3 hrs Price 155 USD 264 USD 450 USD LMW Shampoo Applicable scalp medical care and medical hair lab program • reservation only • valid until Dec. 31 2014 Please present it to the reception desk when you visit our clinic. Free Gift Coupon Comprehensive medical head spa treatment program The following spa treatment procedures stimulate, restore scalp lipid balance and slow down the hair bulb aging pro- cess, which is one of the reasons for their appearance of gray hair. After the SPA treatment procedure your hair will be silky, shiny and manageable, and will gain volume and vitality. * Luxury Medical Head Spa includes a special gift package of LMW Scalp tonic 70 ml with LMW Immune-up shampoo 150ml each medical head spa program includes • Diagnosis of scalp & hair • Consultation with Dr. Lee Moon Won • Medical Hair Lab service — It is a clever cut by a top hair stylist to emphasize your best features and create a feel-good hair style that suits you. 82-2-511-1079 (calling from overseas) (02) 511-1079 (calling in Korea) 3F, Lee and Yoo Building, 69-5 Chungdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul leemoonwon.international@gmail.com MON/TUE WED/FRI SAT THU/SUN 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Closed In the past it was said that there was no treatment for female hair loss, but numerous studies in the field have shown that the appearance of viable treatment options has increased the per- centage of female patients who have found a cure for hair loss. Korean traditional medicine also offers several remedies made with natural, organic components that produce almost no side effects. The remedies are absolutely safe, improving health while promoting hair growth, and have proven particularly effec- tive for female hair loss. As with other diseases, the sooner you begin treating hair loss, the better the results will be. People with any of the follow- ing symptoms or signs of hair loss should not hesitate to consult a doctor and start a treatment regimen. 1) Excessively heavy or light menstrual period, irregular menstrual period 2) Ovarian cyst (polycystic ovary syndrome) 3) Face and head feel warm, while hands and feet are cold 4) Thyroid disease or anemia 5) Dizziness, poor circulation, body aches and frequent fatigue 6) Itchiness, pimples or sticky skin 7) Frequent mood swings (often feel angry, sad, depressed, etc.) 8) Chronic diarrhea or digestive disorders 9) Frequent dieting, frequent weight gain or loss