P atience is key for photographer Nathan Chesky, who is always willing to wait that ex- tra minute to capture candid shots of people in their element. He works out of Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, where paper lanterns light the cityscape in the fall and the green tea fields of Hadong beckon from just outside town. Groove Korea: Give us an introduction to yourself and your photography. Nathan Chesky: I moved to Korea last year from Ashe- ville, North Carolina. I was left my first camera, a Canon AE-1, by my grandfather, and I have been shooting film, instant and now digital ever since. I enjoy getting into the mess of it all, doing my best to understand what is really happening and coming out with something timeless and honest. Photography, like all art, isn’t supposed to be perfect; it is supposed to make you feel something. Currently, I am the staff photographer for WiNK Travels and I am working on several personal projects in Busan. Jinju has a lot to offer. What would you say are your top three things to visit and photograph? Any time I visit a new country or city, the first thing I do is head to the market. It is basically my mantra. The central market in Jinju is JoongAng Sijang. Markets like this one, in the smaller cities of Korea, are my favorite places to take pictures of people engaging in their day- to-day business. Jinju Temple is a main draw for visitors. Inside you will find the Chokseongnu Pavilion, which is atop a cliff along the Nam River and offers a contrasting place to take pictures of the natural scenery or Koreans who are often engaging in traditional rituals. Lastly, many locals will push you towards Seokyu Park to take pictures. Here you will find some great scenes, as well as a rock cave and a high vantage point from which to shoot down toward the cityscape. Though if pressed for time, I would check out Kyungsang National University Campus instead. www.groovekorea.com / June 2014 88 CApTuRING KOREA Edited by Jenny Na (jenny@groovekorea.com)