83 ‘you can train aS hard aS you Want, but the reaL Learning and the reaL progreSS can be Seen in MatcheS againSt other teaMS.’ Seoul gaels coach jamie Lynch Seoul Gaels Kids train most Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Jamwon Han River Park in Apgujeong or at Dwight College. They occasionally participate in touch rugby com- petitions and won the beginners’ division in the competi- tion in April. This year they hope to travel to Ireland to play a half-time exhibition game in front of 82,000 people at Croke Park stadium and meet the Irish prime minister a second time. They are currently recruiting kids of all ages who would like to play on Saturdays or would be interested in the trip to Ireland. GrooveCast GrooveCast host Chance Dorland chats with the Gaels. Check out the episode at groovekorea.com. SEOuL GAELS KIDS