www.groovekorea.com / June 2014 76 Edited by Elaine Ramirez (elaine@groovekorea.com) Interview with Geoff Nostrant, creator of Black Swan A udio Column by Wilfred lee / Photos courtesy of Geoff Nostrant G eoff Nostrant has managed to shape and understand music, expand his own musical creation “Silvercord” and create his own studio, giving other musical artists here a place to en- capsulate their ideas in songs. Artist’s Journey’s Wilfred Lee sat down with Black Swan Audio’s creator Geoff Nostrant to discuss his ideas on music as the savior and doorway to life. Artist’s Journey brings you daily doses of inspiration, including weekly podcasts featuring artists from around the globe. Learn more at facebook.com/myartistsjourney or www.artistsjourney.org. — Ed. MuSIC & ARTS