www.groovekorea.com / June 2014 52 FOOD & DRINK Edited by Shelley DeWees (shelley@groovekorea.com) About the writer: Shelley DeWees worked as a vegan chef for a Buddhist monastery before moving to Seoul. She is a columnist and the food editor for Groove Kor ea. — Ed. SEOuL vEGGIE KITChEN how To MilK an alMond Blend this humble kernel with water and make your nut milk dreams a reality E xactly nine zillion times better than anything you can get at the foreign mart — and laugh- ably easy — creamy, dreamy almond milk is the perfect accoutre- ment to your morning cereal and will actually hold you over until lunch. And unlike store-bought versions, there ain’t no nasty shit in this version; it’s just raw nuts and water. The incredible richness! The impossible freshness! Let’s get to it. Column by Shelley DeW ees photos by Shelley DeW ees and KR Har sha