www.groovekorea.com / June 2014 32 ten sijo by yook woo Dang (translated by finn berry, researcher at seoul national university) Hesitation sorrow at loving you when I’m forbidden. I watch from the offng, a smile on my lips. It was a heartless heaven that made me a queer. In praise of Holland tiny dreamland in northern europe, I envy your freedom and equality. Holland, land of hope, earthly paradise. warmth of your body the union of my soft backside with yours would slowly melt the coldest ice. with the warmth of your body, please melt me! at a gay bar pour, pour again, let’s get ourselves drunk let’s forget, forget ... forget all the sorrow, the accusations, the brunt of their contempt because we are queers. Itaewon nights neon signs like beautiful waves, mirthful strains of song, its busy streets humming, Itaewon on saturday night -- a reign of peace! Queer get-together a glass of light booze cures a pound of cares. Cheery conversation sets our woes to fight. The mirthful night fows with the lilting music. at a queer bathhouse How old are you, boy? you’re cute. let’s do it. How old are you, sir? oh, you’re hot. the sound of the two fucking in the room excites me. your embrace resting my face on your burly chest, your scent, weighty, is sensed by me alone. Your embrace is sweeter than any fower. love neatly folded our love, gentle as a lotus scent. I’ll fold this love neatly and keep it for a long, long time so I can give it to you tenderly when you come again. a happy parting you, a pine needle that came to me in silence. now you leave as you came, without goodbye. but I don’t blame you. please be happy. Edited by John Rodgers (jmrseoul@gmail.com) INSIGhT