Groove readers’ opinions and feedback Letter to the editor Open Doors Metropolitan Community Church is coming up on its third year of ministry in Korea. It’s been a whirlwind three years! We’ve grown from a first meeting of eight expats in 2011 to a congregation averaging 30 individuals on Sunday mornings and an online congregation of more than 200. Our first service was comprised only of non-Ko- reans; now, Korean congregants outnumber non-Korean congregants. I think this growth is evidence of the need for this kind of church in Korea. When I started Open Doors in 2011, I only knew of one other Korean-speaking congregation in the entire country that is affirming of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans- gender, queer/questioning) people. Now, I know of at least three other (Korean-speaking) congregations that are affirming. Religiously and secularly, Korea seems to be on the move toward greater acceptance of sexual mi- norities. But there’s still a very long way to go. In these three years, we’ve lost one congregation member to suicide due to the bullying by more “conservative Chris- tians.” That’s one too many, and his death adds fuel to the undying passion I have to see all of God’s children have a safe space to call their spiritual home in this country. What’s been most surprising the last three years is that we’ve become a truly diverse community of faith. Although some still refer to Open Doors as the “gay church,” we are a community not only of LGBTQ people, but also straight couples and singles. We are also religiously diverse: athe- ists sit next to Christians and Buddhists. Conversation, not dogma, is what ties us together in this diversity. June is Queer Pride Month around the world. Here in Ko- rea, we’ll be celebrating on June 7. When most people hear the words “Christian” or “church,” I am sure they au- tomatically assume that person or community is homopho- bic. The Queer Pride Festival proves otherwise. Last year, three affirming religious groups, including Open Doors, were represented. We’ll be there again this year, spread- ing the message of Christ’s love against the often louder – though not stronger – voices of hate and exclusion. Our message is this: the love of Christ transcends all boundaries. Wherever that love is found, Christ is there. Rev. Daniel Payne, Open Doors Metropolitan Community Church Correction The story “Breaking the silence around abuse” in the May issue incorrectly reported that there were three founders of Hollaback! Korea. There were 23. We regret the error. T H E I n B o X