Banyan tree Club & Spa Seoul The Oasis opens Conrad Seoul Summer bingsu The Oasis outdoor swimming pool is designed to be a vacation destination in down- town Seoul, the perfect place to restore one’s energy in the summer. The entire space is finished with natural materials such as stone and wood, and the longer users stay, the more comfortable they feel. The Oasis features 23 cabanas equipped with small, individual pools, which reflect the experience of Banyan Tree’s overseas pool-villa resorts. These are also good places to host small parties with a lover or one’s family because each space is also equipped with a table for dining. Placed right next to the Oasis, the Oasis Restaurant offers a poolside BBQ buffet from May 16. The menu includes charcoal-grilled BBQ of beef, lamb, pork, chick- en and seafood. You will also enjoy fresh salad, various appetizers, hot side dishes and desserts, all served buffet-style. The price is 95,000 won for adults and 65,000 won for kids, tax included. The Oasis Restaurant is open from 6 to 9:30 p.m. Reservations are required. For bookings, call (02)-2250-8080. For more information on Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul, visit www.banyantreeclub.com or call (02) 2250-8000. Conrad Seoul has introduced five kinds of special bingsu (shaved ice flake desserts) for the summer. Served in the Zest buffet restaurant and Pasticceria Deli on the second floor, the hotel offers a soft, refreshing mango pana cotta bingsu as well as the classic milk patbingsu. The mango pana cotta bingsu delivers a re- freshing burst of flavor through the combination of milk-based pana cotta and a generous helping of fresh mangos, topped with mango ice cream. The classic milk patbingsu, with a mellower flavor, is made with frozen milk and topped with red beans and vanilla ice cream. Both are priced at 18,000 won. Three additional bingsus — the fruity mango coconut bingsu, sweet choc- olate berry bingsu and fresh green tea bingsu — are available at the 37 Grill & Bar restaurant on the 37th floor, each priced at 21,000 won, tax included. For more information, call Zest: (02) 6137-7100 Pasticceria: (02) 6137-7120 / 37 Grill & Bar: (02) 6137-7110 Club Med Bali resort opens new Zen Pool Premium all-inclusive resort Club Med Bali recently opened a new Zen Pool, a relaxation area only for adult guests. Club Med Bali in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, has been undergoing extensive reno- vations and is set to launch an assortment of brand-new facilities and services this year. The update is based on the concept of “Harmony” by accomplished French designer Marc Hertrich. The first of these recently launched renovations is the Zen Pool that is the perfect spot for guests to enjoy a truly zen experience. The pool also has its own bar, so guests can choose a comfortable spot of their choice to relax and contemplate while sipping on a drink to complete the zen experience. Club Med Bali is the perfect blend of modernity and Balinese culture. In 2014, the resort was listed among the Top 6 Hotels for Families in Indonesia based on favorable reviews and opinions of travelers from around the world. Those surveyed expressed their particular appreciation for the friendly G.O. (Gentil Organisateur) service, wide selection of activities and Children’s Club for all ages. For more information, visit www.clubmed.co.kr or call (02)-3452-0123.