83 done plenty of spiritual work, but now my main tool (apart from AuraSoma) is simply my awareness.” She goes on to explain how an active meditation can be applied to domestic life. “When we are able to step back from an emotional connection to something occurring in the environment around us (for instance, heavy feelings when commuting during rush hour) and simply wit- ness thoughts and feelings as an awareness, then can we be re- leased from being affected.” A turning point in her life came when she realized that her prob- lems weren’t just her own, and that everyone shares a collective consciousness. She came to see that by working on herself, she was affecting the greater whole. “It’s important for us all to spend time ‘finding’ ourselves,” she con- tinues. “If we put others first (before our own well-being), then after a while we will end up questioning what we even did with our lives. It is not selfish, this act of looking within. Actually, when one is full of love … then can we be of better service to others.” The simple effect of looking within oneself and championing a state of neutrality, emptiness and “oneness” is more vividly attain- able through these and many other teachers. Though they speak with different terminology, they seem to have a similar intent. Maybe it’s not as complicated as it appears, and maybe we don’t need so much help after all — just a willingness to see what exists within, accept it and allow for its change into something better. Hair consultant from UK. Trained at Vidal Sassoon and TONY&GUY in UK Hair Salon in Sinchon ABOUT THE WRITER Venus Robertson is a transformational life coach and energy therapist based in Seoul. She hosts Super Seoul Sunday, a women’s empowerment workshop and group coaching meetup. The next sessions are on May 11 and 25. Visit tinyurl.com/superseoul for details. MORE iNfO www.zentherapy.co.kr www.aura-soma.net www.onenessuniversity.com