coLUmN By Dr. LEE MOON WON Lee Moon Won Korean Medicine Clinic is known as a clinic that specializ- es in scalp and hair loss treatments. How long have you been working in this feld? I started seeing patients with scalp and hair disorders in 2002. Then in May 2005, I changed the clinic’s name from the Oriental Medicine Clinic to the Lee Moon Won Korean Medicine Clinic, and I began to treat patients with scalp and hair disorders exclusively. Lee Won Korean Med- icine Clinic is said to be one of Korea’s best- known scalp and hair loss treatment clinics. What are the advantag- es of the clinic? Lee Moon Won Korean Med- icine Clinic is not some kind of simple medical structure. I like to think that this is a place where patients or clients can get the results they have always dreamed of. We provide patients with thorough exam- inations to find the cause of hair loss and then treat them, as well as checking the condition of existing growing hairs and whether they are healthy or not. Due to a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests that we can offer in our clinic, I can speak with confidence about the reasons for hair loss and treatment methods to those patients who ask me “Why am I losing hair?” Moreover, we use medicine, which has no side effects, but has a superior therapeutic effect. In addition, there is a head spa center and hair lab in our clinic. It is a special place where clients with hair or scalp problems can use safe hair dye or perm treatments. If necessary, we offer bespoke wigs and hair transplantation services. Also, we offer a range of professional products for preventing hair loss that can be used at home. Over several years of extensive re- search and experiments, I’ve finally developed a measurement for hair age, and now we are in the process of obtaining a license. Hair age measurement is almost the same principle as when your doctor com- pares your body’s age with its biological age during physical examina- tions and determines whether they correspond. Hair also has an age, which we will be able to determine soon. It is known that scalp disorder is an incurable disease. Can you really treat hair loss and scalp disorder? Maybe 15 years ago, there were a lot of comments regarding the incurability of hair loss and scalp disorders, but after continued studies in this field, medicine has progressed greatly. Studies have shown ex- cellent results and now there are drugs that can treat such symptoms. As for myself, I have researched and developed organic herbal med- icine that was published in seven scientific papers. Actually, I use or- ganic herbal medicine for hair loss treatment and have seen a 65–70 percent success rate. In particular, organic herbal medicine is more effective for women; therefore, there are more women patients in our clinic than men. I can’t definitively say that the success rate is 100 percent, but it is still fairly high. Besides, we are not resting on our laurels when it comes to ongoing development in this area. What are the therapeutic features of organic herbal medicine? Organic herbal medicine does not contain chemical or hormonal components. The medicine is made of Korean herbal extracts and fer- mented plant extracts. First, we tested and analyzed approximately 60 varieties of herbs growing in Asia, including Korea, and selected plants, which were effective in the promotion of hair growth and inflammation treatment. We use components of these herbs as therapeutic agents in hair loss treatment. There are three therapeutic features of organic herbal medicine: Firstly, effective superior treatment is given, providing a long-lasting effect even in the post- treatment period. Secondly, there are no side effects, and the patient can use the medicine continuously without any harm to their health. Thirdly, there is an ability to promote not only hair growth, but to strengthen the body’s immune system as well. In partic- ular, organic herbal medicine is more effective for women, therefore, there are more female patients in our clinic than men. Due to Organic Herbal Medicine, many patients resolved their problems. Among them, there are many foreigners as well. How do you treat foreign patients? We use various treatment methods and medicine. In particular, we use external and internal medicine. We provide foreign patients with thorough examinations and consultations to find the cause of hair loss and then the patient will be prescribed necessary medications. After the patient goes home, I get in touch via email, Skype and so on. Medicine can be shipped to the patient via international shipping. Nowadays, shipping service is available anywhere, so we don’t have problems with the delivery of medicine. As of now, we have shipped Korean Herbal Medicine to patients who live in 15 different countries around the world.