93 On The Border 2014 New Mexican Menu The authentic Mexican restaurant, On The Border, introduces two new food series: “Mexican on the Street” and “Mexican in Seoul.” The “Mexican on the Street” menu gives customers the chance to enjoy tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas and other kinds of light Mexi- can dishes prepared in authentic street food style. There are seven enticing dishes to feast on — including Secret Enchiladas (shrimp, carnitas), Secret Quesadillas (shrimp, carnitas) and Secret Tacos (brisket, shrimp, pulled pork) — for prices ranging from 9,900 won to 16,900 won. Meanwhile, the “Mexican in Seoul” series is a gastronomical fusion of Mexican and Korean flavors that is sure to attract both foreigners and Korean fans. By adding the penultimate Korean food — kim- chi — to burritos, potatoes, taco rice and other traditional Mexican foods, On The Border has created a new flavor that’s sure to be- come a staple of the fusion scene. This series features four dishes: pulled pork burritos, carnitas burritos, carnitas potatoes and kimchi taco rice. For information, please call, (02) 3280-5100. pROST pub and grill New outdoor terrace Prost has a new outdoor terrace surrounded by trees to give guests the feel of dining in a forest. Offering a comfortable, private at- mosphere, the terrace seats 50 and serves an alfresco lunch and dinner. It is simply one more reason to visit an eatery that Seoulites already count among their favorites. Prost also serves more than 15 draft beers, including Heineken Dark, Newcastle Brown and Guinness. Don’t miss out on the sig- nature cocktails made with various kinds of syrups at the shooter bar. For reservations, call (02) 796-6854 / (010) 3230-6164.