Story by Soyeon Kim Your scalp is also your skin Even though you may wear ample makeup and dress nicely, if you do not give a similar amount of attention to your hair, you will be neglecting a vital part of your appearance. Having a glowing complexion will only get you so far if your hair has split ends. Thick and healthy hair with a radiating shine is as important as having astounding skin. Your scalp loses skin just like other parts of your body. The sweat and oil (sebum) from your scalp create a natural, moist and protective coating to shield the skin on your head, allowing hydration and nutrition to be supplied for better growth. It isn’t surprising, then, that the skin on our scalp should be cared for just like the skin on our face; the only difference, however, is the length and thickness of the hair. It’s easy to overlook the importance of the hidden skin on your head, but since the scalp plays an important role in the strength of your hair, it must be cared for in order to keep your locks happy and healthy. Dry hair but oily scalp? Your hair grows from holes in your skin called pores. The hair multiplies and grows rapidly through cell division. Hair that grows from pores near the oil-producing sebaceous glands be- comes shiny due to the sebum from those pores. But the closer you get to the ends of the strands, the hair grows drier, and once you reach the outermost layer, the cuticle is easily broken by physical irritation and daily wear. If your scalp becomes too dry and you start giving off dandruff, and there is too much se- bum, your hair is bound to get tangled. However, having proper hair care helps control the sebum and can prevent the ends from splitting so easily. Dr. Lee Moon Won is known as Korea’s best scalp and hair disorder specialist in Oriental medicine. At his clinic, he provides a specialized scalp medical care program for Koreans and for- T he skin on your scalp, like other parts of your body, regularly renews itself while the old skin falls away. Due to the fact that the scalp is where nutri- ents are delivered to your hair follicles, it affects your hairstyle greatly. While taking care of damaged hair is one way to keep your waves looking healthy, taking care of your scalp will ensure strong hair from the follicle up. Here’s how you can do it. YOUR HAIR IS yOUR BAROMETER edited by Craig White (craig@groovekorea.com) ADVERTORIAL